About Us

Who we are:
MINERVA MANAGEMENT is an internationally based company specialized in training, inducting and counseling those wishing to carry out their professional activity outside the country’s borders in the hotel or entertainment field. With a worldwide experience, both individual as well as within a team, gained during the 12 years spent abroad, we provide help to those who want to build their future in the field of entertainment or hospitality industry. We are a modern and dynamic team, open to innovation and constant contact with participants in our e-learning sessions, interactive webinars, conferences and counseling sessions. Information means power, always be one step ahead of others being prepared and fully aware of everything that is required in the entertainment and hotel industry.

We provide exceptional high-quality performances (Latin show, Color de Brasil Show, New Tropicana, Bravissimo International Show, Disney Show, Acrobatic Show, Magic Show, Duo Lounge Music, Michael Jackson Tribute Show) with experienced artists with worldwide reputation and awards, original native artists from Cuba, Ecuador, Brasil, Spain, France and Italy.

With music performed in international English language, as well as French, German, Spanish, Italian and Greek, our artists have the shows and costumes prepared, ready and well-rehearsed on major stages in 20 years of experience on cruise ships, as well as resorts and hotels in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Italy and France.

Mission statement:

  • to help our customers source and hire the most qualified professionals in select and highly skilled occupations, and to help those professionals find the best job opportunities in their respective fields and further their careers. We strive to be proficient in meeting all the human resources recruitment standards, into satisfying both our employing partners and also our candidates.
  • to inform and advise those who want to be actively involved in the hotel and entertainment environment, to prepare them, bring them together and integrate them into our community. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of training in the hotel and entertainment section, in order to meet customer requirements, create a favorable framework for achieving professional goals, and provide support for personal career advancement.

Our professional commitment:

We enjoy active, dynamic and enthusiastic participation of those interested in our programs. We have learned from our own life experience, as well as from opinions that manifested themselves and appeared in our multicultural environment. Our goal is to offer high-quality performance in everything we do. Through creativity and innovation, we seek to improve our business continuously. We lead by example and inspire by action and results. We extend our efforts and resources to the evolution and capitalization of human potential towards the development of leadership abilities.

What makes us different:

An internationally trained and experienced team that will be at your disposal and will assist you in every moment in your efforts to pursue your work in hotels or entertainment.

  • Effective and permanent communication through social media networks and our customer-oriented experts.
  • We are transparent, we believe and want to create a society in which those who want to build a future in the artistic, hotel and entertainment field are constantly informed about the changes taking place, the new trends, the requirements and the situations for which they must be prepared and constantly adapted, but also in order to have the capacity to create a personal and group development framework and to inspire others in this process.
  • Providing a variety of authentic, interactive media with the real-time participation of those in our expats community
  • Our values: we strongly believe in integrity, partnership, engagement, quality, professionalism and simplicity. We vigorously support our values through actions, words, and working ethics in order to create a positive and professional experience.
  • We offer teenagers, young people and those who manifest their interest the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience in an innovative way by participating in interactive webinars, implementing an efficient e-learning system in order to acquire skills and competences to advance permanently to a higher level. A true team leader does not only lead, but inspires, motivates and creates other team leaders.